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I know you can dislike a song (broken heart symbol), but the song will occasionally pop up when I'm listening in shuffle mode. Is there a way to put audio files (stand-up comedy in this case) onto my phone so that I can listen to it only when I explicitly choose to (never pops up during shuffle mode)?

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In the Zune desktop application you can make a new Autoplaylist. You have two easy options, either dislike your comedy tracks, or make sure that your comedy tracks have the correct genre e.g. stand-up comedy (this option would be the best).

  1. Open Zune
  2. Click collection\MUSIC
  3. On the right click PLAYLISTS
  4. Click new autoplaylist
  5. Give the playlist a name. For rating select Like or unrated or exclude the stand-up comedy genre..
  6. Leave the rest of the defaults and click OK.
  7. Sync your device.
  8. On your device play the playlist and turn shuffle on.
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