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I only ever want my phone on one of two settings:

  • Completely silent at night, during classes, and during meetings
  • Vibrate during the rest of the day

I never want it to ring, ever.

When I change the volume, a nice toggle option appears in the upper-right corner of my phone. However, it only seems to have these options:

  • When vibrate is on, it toggles between "vibrate" and "ring + vibrate".
  • When vibrate is off, it toggles between "silent" and "ring".

Is there any way to make this button toggle between "silent" and "vibrate"?

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+10 from me. I'm really stumped by this too. Any app to the rescue? –  Martin Ba Mar 13 '13 at 22:49
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It appears this app might be of use - but not exactly what you are looking for.

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I'm afraid that searching for an app that solves this kind of needs is pointless, since Windows Phone doesn't allow you to access low-level API. Just noticing it for those who might want to ask for apps that are allowing things mentioned above. –  Potek Apr 2 at 22:04
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yes you can change your profile to only ring no vibrate

just go to setting than in sounds enables and disable vibrate

press volume button and toggle your profile enjoy..

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Thanks for the suggestion, but as I described in my original question, I'm aware that you can toggle vibration in the settings menu. I'm looking for a way to quickly do it, like you can for the ringer. –  Matthew Dec 11 '12 at 16:05
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