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Until I can get my hands on a CardDAV client application, I need to transfer my contacts from iOS or OS X to my Lumia 920.

How can I do this without uploading my contacts to Outlook/Hotmail/Gmail or anything like that?

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You can use the Nokia contacts transfer app (iPhone 4 and higher) or your SIM card.

If you only want to transfer your contacts, use the Transfer my Data app on your new phone. If you don’t have this app, you can download it from Store. If you have previously had a micro-SIM or micro-RUIM card, you can also copy your contacts from your card to your new phone. For more information on how to copy contacts to your SIM or RUIM card, see the user guide of your phone.

Or you will have to cave and sync them to an email account.

Source Nokia support.

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AnyTrans is a multifunctional transfer tool that you can use it transfer what you want from your iPhone to any devices you like. 1. Free download AnyTrans, install and run it on your computer, and then connect your two iPhones to your computer with its USB cables.

  1. Click the old iPhone tab, and select Contacts on the homepage.
  2. Choose the contacts you want to transfer, and click the To Device button on the right hand corner. enter image description here

You may also like: How to transfer music from iPhone to computer.

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