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Is there any way to rollback windows phone 8.1 to 8 ?

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I'm just curious, why do you want to rollback the updated system? –  Potek Apr 17 at 16:28
Apparently there is a way to roll back from WP8.1 - > WP8.0 by installing Nokia Software recovery tool. You can find detailed instructions here. –  user5768 Apr 18 at 7:37

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From the Windows Phone Preview for Developers page:

You cannot revert or return to a prior operating system release version after you have updated your phone to a preview update. We will move you forward to a "released state," but we cannot take you back to a prior "released state."

In other words, if you install the Windows Phone 8.1 dev preview now, you will not be able to roll back to 8.0. You'll only be able to upgrade to the full Windows Phone 8.1 release when it passes through your phone manufacturer and carrier (e.g. in Nokia's case, the upcoming Lumia Cyan update).

Addendum: As pointed out in the comments, it might be possible to flash your phone with the 8.0 firmware, thus rolling back the OS version. For instance, Nokia Lumia phones can be flashed with the Nokia Care Suite tool. However, success will depend on you being able to download the correct ROM with the desired OS and firmware versions, as well as following the necessary steps to the letter. From what I've read, it's easy to permanently brick your phone if you happen to make a mistake, not to mention you'll most likely lose your warranty as such tools are usually meant for use by certified technicians. For these reasons I won't link to any specific tutorial, as I can't vouch that the process will be successful; if you want to go down this road, phrases like "nokia lumia firmware flash" or "nokia care suite tutorial" in your favourite search engine should get you started. Similar techniques may also exist for other brands on phones.

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how about Settings --> About --> Reset your phone? –  Ray Cheng Apr 17 at 15:21
@RayCheng Reset your phone only wipes your phone back to the current operating system as if it were brand new and never been used before. –  caschw Apr 17 at 15:27
@caschw, so won't that help OP to rollback to whatever it was before? –  Ray Cheng Apr 17 at 15:29
@RayCheng As far as I know, reset just deletes your settings, apps and personal files and restores factory settings. It doesn't actually restore a previous version of the operating system. –  Indrek Apr 17 at 15:30
@RayCheng Correct, it was warned in the Preview for Developers app, that "Once you've taken an early update, you cannot revert to a prior state." –  caschw Apr 17 at 15:30

Yes you can, it's very simple and easy. Nokia has released a tool for recovery you can download here After downloading the file:

  1. Install the program.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Plug in your phone.
  4. Let the PC and program recognize your phone.
  5. The last official update for your phone should be available, which is WP8.
  6. Recover the system to the version shown by the tool.


  1. Some phones may not have a recovery version I don't know the reason for that, maybe carrier restrictions of some sort.
  2. This tool only works for Nokia devices.
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And that works with any Windows Phone device regardless of brand? –  Indrek Jul 4 at 21:13
I only tried it on my lumia1520, I'm not sure about the rest. But you can try plugging the phone to your computer and running the tool, if it recognizes your phone the answer is yes. If not then no. –  DodiNj Jul 5 at 3:07
Can you summarize the guide in the link to make your answer more useful? –  akid Jul 5 at 8:27
Sure thing, I'm new here and still learning how to do stuff. But I'll do it in a couple hours. –  DodiNj Jul 5 at 11:01

Yes. You can push the current offical ROM for your phone with Nokia Software Updater For Retail.

This is generally a great tool to have anyway and can also fix issue of indefinite spinning cogs.

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The only way to rollback windows phone 8.1 to windows 8 is through installing stock ROM in to your Lumia phone, Here's a Guide! that will help you to restore Windows phone 8.

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And what about those who aren't using Nokia phones? –  Indrek May 1 at 18:12

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