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If the battery is empty and I switch on the phone after recharge the date and time is not correct. Is that normal for Windows Phones or for the HTC Radar or is there anything wrong?

I couldn't find any information on that. Thank you!

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sounds like a hardware fault to me -- with a HTC Titan, I can remove the battery completely, and the real time clock is maintained.

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I also thought about this. It's weird, as all other devices I use have a date/time(...) memory. It's a strange behavior.. – Fabian May 12 '12 at 21:13

Some hardware problem to me. Just like the previous answerm with my Titan I remove the battery completely and when I turn on the phone, time clock is mantained

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The mobile's main board has an internal battery (button cell). It may have rusted, disconnected or be flat. This internal battery saves the phone's date and time.

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