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I am sharing internet from my MAC-mini and instead of WiFi sharing I am doing it using Bluetooth. (WiFi hardware isn't working actually). It is being shared perfectly.

Now I wanna receive the shared internet on my Nokia Lumia 520 running on windows 8.1. I know it was possible in Symbian devices also, so expecting it on windows phone as well.

How would I be able to access internet?

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Windows Phone doesn't support sharing its connection over Bluetooth, nor connecting to the Internet via a Bluetooth connection.

The closest that is achievable, is that Internet sharing can be started from paired Bluetooth device, and on Windows 8.1, this will show the hotspot as an available WiFi network - this still works as a WiFi network though, so in your case, with the faulty WiFi hardware, it won't work for you.

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hmm.. nothing can be done. Anyways thnaks. –  vaibhav Jun 17 at 11:40
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