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Questions relating to features introduced in Windows Phone 8.1
× 313
A version of Windows Phone with the Windows NT kernel. Windows Phone 7 is not compatible with Windows Phone 8 apps.
× 297
Nokia's first series of phones for the Windows Phone OS.
× 240
Questions related to the windows phones running Windows 10 OS.
× 217
software you download from the official marketplace. Use the tag when you are looking for one that will sove a specifc problem.
× 148
when you have a question regarding settings and configuration.
× 122
a cross-platform instant messaging application.
× 120
Software updates provided by application developers, OEMs or Microsoft for your Windows Phone.
× 115
The official place to download apps, music, podcasts, and games.
× 110
Questions related to settings and usage of email on Windows Phone.
× 109
The Windows Insider Preview program gives the community early access to new Windows 10 Mobile builds.
× 103
The process of establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage.
× 92
the successor to their Lumia 900.
× 90 × 87
For questions related to music playback.
× 83
For questions related to Microsoft's OneDrive service.
× 81
For questions specifically about issues with wireless connectivity via a wireless router as opposed to questions related to cellular phone connection methods
× 73
For questions about managing contacts on your Windows Phone device.
× 69
For questions related to phone's camera and related apps.
× 69
Memory used for the storage of user files and data. Encompasses both internal memory and external storage devices such as microSD cards.
× 67
a text messaging service component of phone, web, or mobile communication systems, using standardized communications protocols that allow the exchange of short text mess…
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For questions related to phone's battery
× 57
Microsoft's intelligent personal assistant that debuted in Windows Phone 8.1.
× 56
When you have a question regarding video on your phone.
× 55
Wireless technology for exchanging data over short distances. For instance, you can use bluetooth to connect to a hands-free speaker, or a music player.
× 54
For questions relating to backing up your phone.
× 52
An action of notifying something from an App or Game installed in phone.
× 50
For questions about logging in with and using a Microsoft account on your Windows Phone device.
× 49
A phone by Nokia with a 41 MP camera.
× 48
a built-in feature of Windows Phone.
× 44
For questions about the Facebook application or built-in integration.
× 44
Version 7.5 of the Windows Phone OS. Use for questions specific to this version, or problems regarding upgrades from or to this version.
× 43
For questions relating to all versions of Windows Phone 7, that would not be relevant in 8.0 or later versions
× 43
For questions about using the on-screen keyboard in Windows Phone. For the new swipe-style keyboard in WP 8.1, use the [wordflow] tag.