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How to use Tor on Windows Phone

Is it possible to use Tor network for anonymity in Windows Phone 8, or is there any alternative?

asked by McCalino 13 votes
answered by babttz 5 votes

How to move Apps and Data to a bigger SD Card

I realized the SD-card I used initially is too small and I want to move to a bigger one. I store most Apps and Data on the SD card. I just made a copy of all files on the old card to the new one ...

8.1 micro-sd file-transfer sd-card  
asked by Peter Hahndorf 16 votes
answered by Thomas 9 votes

What exactly is needed to activate Cortana?

Now that Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers is available, I was looking forward to testing out Cortana. However, it's initially available only in the US. For those outside the US, it doesn't ...

8.1 cortana  
asked by Indrek 16 votes
answered by Krzysztof Kraszewski 15 votes

Connecting Nokia Lumia 620 to Desktop with Windows XP

I have windows XP home edition in my desktop. when I connect my New Nokia Lumia 620, it does not recognise it. Windows explorer does not show Nokia connected. It used to recognise Nokia N73 thru Nokia ...

sync lumia pc  
asked by Suresh Nayak 2 votes
answered by row1 4 votes

How to record a call in Windows Nokia Lumia 520?

How to record incoming/outgoing calls in nokia lumia 520? Even 3rd party apps not supporting this feature.

8.0 lumia  
asked by SuRa 8 votes
answered by akid 5 votes

How to exit Narrator on Windows Phone?

I nearly hard reset my phone today. The problem is that while the screen reader works well, it appears almost impossible to scroll the screen, meaning if you exit the settings page it is very ...

8.1 settings accessibility narrator  
asked by Vivek Parekh 9 votes
answered by Indrek 11 votes

Is there a way to force quit an app?

Is it possible to end, or "kill", a process? On Windows if an application is acting up we can force it to close, is there something like this in Windows Phone?

asked by Louis Waweru 18 votes
answered by Tyler James Young 19 votes
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