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How to record a call in Windows Nokia Lumia 520?

How to record incoming/outgoing calls in nokia lumia 520? Even 3rd party apps not supporting this feature.

8.0 lumia  
user avatar asked by SuRa Score of 8
user avatar answered by akid Score of 5

My Family settings prevent app downloading

I have an issue with my first Windows Phone device. When trying to download an app from the marketplace I get this message: The My Family settings for your account prevent you from downloading ...

settings parental-control  
user avatar asked by Matt Score of 15
user avatar answered by Matt Score of 6

What is the difference between H and H+ in the network status bar?

In my phone (Lumia 525 Cyan), I often seen two types of indication in 3G mode. One is H and other one is H+ . I didn't experience any considerable network speed/performance while in these two modes. ...

internet networking 3g  
user avatar asked by Kiran RS Score of 6
user avatar answered by Indrek Score of 14

How to share internet over USB from PC to a Windows Phone 8 device?

I know, that this works out of the box for Zune-compatible devices, but what about Windows Phone 8? I don't have a micro-SIM yet and there is no way to set up a WiFi hotspot.

8.0 internet-sharing  
user avatar asked by Alec Mev Score of 24
user avatar answered by mesbahuk Score of 5

Lumia 930 stuck at Loading after updating to Windows 10 Insider Preview

My Lumia 930 got stuck at "Loading" after I updated it to Windows 10 Insider Preview. I updated my main (and very used) phone. How do I do a proper install of W10IP on my Lumia 930?

update insider-preview nokia-lumia-930  
user avatar asked by Mikael Dúi Bolinder Score of 6
user avatar answered by user12804 Score of 5

Nokia Lumia 930 and Windows 10 usb driver

I have a Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1, and when i try to connect it to my PC, Windows 10 Pro N, the usb drivers is not found. I have installed the Media Feature Pack,

windows-10 nokia-lumia-930  
user avatar asked by sgerved Score of 3
user avatar answered by itomic Score of 2

How to download multiple photos from OneDrive?

I have uploaded many photos to OneDrive from my Lumia 620 phone. I accidentally deleted all my photos from the phone, but thankfully OneDrive has a backup of them. I want to download all of the ...

onedrive photos nokia-lumia-620  
user avatar asked by Jayesh Bhoi Score of 5
user avatar answered by DodiNj Score of 3
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