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How to update Windows Mobile 6.1 to Windows Mobile 7.5?

I have HTC TyTN II with Windows Mobile 6.1 and would like to update to Windows Mobile 7.5. I went to Windows Mobile site and downloaded the Zune software but nothing worked. Most of apps these days ...

update windows-mobile  
asked by ayush 15 votes
answered by Thomas 27 votes

Nokia Lumia 930 and Windows 10 usb driver

I have a Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1, and when i try to connect it to my PC, Windows 10 Pro N, the usb drivers is not found. I have installed the Media Feature Pack, ...

windows-10 nokia-lumia-930  
asked by sgerved 3 votes
answered by itomic 2 votes

Copy Photos From Phone to Computer and Store By Date

When I was using a digital camera, I used to copy my photos from the camera to my computer. I would store them in my Photos directory, and the transfer process would automatically create a folder for ...

lumia transfer photos  
asked by lkessler 5 votes
answered by lkessler 5 votes

how to open the contents of SD cards in WP8.

i am not able to access the contents of my SD card in nokia lumia 520. i can only see that there is a SD card in my phone but i could not access the contents of card.

asked by user1906 1 vote
answered by mcont 1 vote

How do i delete the whatsapp backup messages in windows phone permanently

How do i delete the whatsapp backup messages in windows phone permanently.I use a Lumia 720. Also please advise how to disable whatsapp backup option in this phone.

asked by user8492 3 votes
answered by mesbahuk 3 votes

How to delete photos from OneDrive?

I am Nokia Lumia 520 user. My phone showing some pictures. I want to delete but don't getting any delete button as others pictures. Pictures have text like from OneDrive. How do I the pictures I ...

onedrive pictures lumia-520  
asked by railsbox 2 votes
answered by Mikael Dúi Bolinder 6 votes

How to share internet over USB from PC to a Windows Phone 8 device?

I know, that this works out of the box for Zune-compatible devices, but what about Windows Phone 8? I don't have a micro-SIM yet and there is no way to set up a WiFi hotspot.

8.0 internet-sharing  
asked by Alec Mev 24 votes
answered by mesbahuk 5 votes
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