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Where do files sent from bluetooth go?

I am using HTC 8s, I recently received two 100 mb video files from my friend using Bluetooth. Firstly I am not able to find the file, maybe the video format is not supported or for some other reason. ...

asked by Yasser 6 votes
answered by Joe Healy 4 votes

Windows Phone Screen turned black

My windows phone just refused to show the start screen. The screen is black. If I force it at times it turns blue. I cannot call people because I cannot see anything. But when people call I can ...

screen display  
asked by Redeemer Kowu 4 votes
answered by Redeemer Kowu 2 votes

Is there a way to force quit an app?

Is it possible to end, or "kill", a process? On Windows if an application is acting up we can force it to close, is there something like this in Windows Phone?

asked by Louis 18 votes
answered by Tyler James Young 19 votes

How to fix error: 800704CF "Your password has expired. First, change it on the web, then come back..."

I'm trying to sync my Windows Phone 8 with my outlook account and am getting the following error message: Hotmail Error Last updated 2 seconds ago Your password has expired. First, change it on the ...

asked by Martin Brown 5 votes
answered by Martin Brown 4 votes

How to explore all file of windows phone in desktop PC?

The application iFunBox allows the apple product users to view all their files and folders (even the root folders and etc.) of iPhone/iPad/iPod in desktop(either in windows or mac) machine. Here you ...

8.0 8.1 storage 8.1-update-1 usb  
asked by HariDev 8 votes
answered by Neil Turner 7 votes

Can I download Apps without WiFi connection on my phone?

I want to download some apps without WiFi but my phone (HTC with Windows Phone 8) is requesting a download over WiFi because of the bigger sizes of the apps. How do I use mobile data to do the ...

asked by user16494 7 votes
answered by RareNCool 4 votes

No SMS notifications windows 10

I've upgraded my 640 and have lost SMS notifications. Not sure if it's something I did or not but Settings / System / Notifications & Actions / Messaging is turned on. Battery saver settings have ...

windows-10-mobile sms notifications  
asked by PeterI 8 votes
answered by Ram Raj 5 votes
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