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Find IP Address on Windows Phone

I could swear I used to know how to do this, and can't believe how much of a hard time I'm having trying to search for it online. How do I get information on the current IP address(es) assigned to my ...

8.1 networking  
asked by Iszi 15 votes
answered by neuronalbit 15 votes

How to share internet over USB from PC to a Windows Phone 8 device?

I know, that this works out of the box for Zune-compatible devices, but what about Windows Phone 8? I don't have a micro-SIM yet and there is no way to set up a WiFi hotspot.

8.0 internet-sharing  
asked by Alec Mev 24 votes
answered by mesbahuk 5 votes

When I delete pics from phone, does it also delete from One Drive?

I use Auto-sync settings hence the pictures on my phone are also sent to OneDrive. If I delete the pictures from my phone, are they also deleted from OneDrive on my PC? Or do the pictures get ...

onedrive pictures  
asked by John 5 votes

How do I change my SIM pin?

I just got a new SIM card with a default pin code. I assumed I could change this in Settings - Mobile+SIM - SIM Settings, but it's not possible there. How can I change this?

8.1 settings  
asked by Rob Tillie 4 votes

Using the front camera for video calls on Nokia Lumia 620 using 3G network

How do I use the front camera on my Nokia Lumia 620 for video calls using 3G network? I am able to use the front camera for Skype calls etc. but not for 3G based video calls. Others also seem to have ...

8.0 lumia 3g  
asked by Vaibhav Garg 3 votes
answered by karancan 3 votes

What is the difference betwen Outlook and Hotmail account?

When should one use Outlook, and when Hotmail? Is there any significant difference for accounts? As it seems, accounts can be set either by using Outlook or Hotmail choice in WP. I ...

asked by mpapec 9 votes
answered by karancan 7 votes

It says Whatsapp version expired and update required

I have Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone update 8.1 WhatsApp Version Last auto updated on 22/08. I am getting error message "This version of WhatsApp has expired. Please go to the Windows ...

asked by Raj 3 votes
answered by Vegam 2 votes
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