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Lumia 535 suddenly loses all sound

I just bought my Lumia 535 3 months ago. Recently, sound problem happened. I din't do anything, I just left it there, then, all sounds lost. No ringing, no app sound, nor even vibration. I've checked ...

lumia sound nokia-lumia-535  
asked by Triet Doan 1 vote
answered by Ariadi Jatmiko 1 vote

What "funny" questions can Cortana answer?

I don't mean commands that Cortana transforms into some helpful work, but I mean those questions Cortana responds with some smart reply :) For example, if I say "Hi", Cortana reply with "Hello".

asked by jumbo 28 votes
answered by jumbo 21 votes

How can i restart Windows Phone 8.1 without using the power button

The power button is unresponsive. Is there any other way I can restart the device running Windows Phone 8.1 without using this button? The only option I can think of right now is removing the ...

8.1 buttons  
asked by slayernoah 5 votes
answered by mic 4 votes

How do i delete the whatsapp backup messages in windows phone permanently

How do i delete the whatsapp backup messages in windows phone permanently.I use a Lumia 720. Also please advise how to disable whatsapp backup option in this phone.

asked by user8492 3 votes
answered by mesbahuk 3 votes

Delete uploaded photos

The Photos app is configured to upload my photos to OneDrive, which, the connection permitting, works fine. However, these photos are also kept in my phone's local storage. With "only" 16GiB, I would ...

asked by Giovanni Tirloni 4 votes

How to exit Narrator on Windows Phone?

I nearly hard reset my phone today. The problem is that while the screen reader works well, it appears almost impossible to scroll the screen, meaning if you exit the settings page it is very ...

8.1 settings accessibility narrator  
asked by Vivek Parekh 9 votes
answered by Indrek 11 votes

How do I take a screenshot on a Windows Phone device?

On iOS devices you can take a screenshot by pressing the home & sleep buttons at the same time. Is there a similar way to take a screenshot with Windows Phone?

asked by jtbandes 77 votes
answered by C. Augusto Proiete 53 votes
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