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How can I connect to Wifi when the confirmation screen doesn't open up?

I often use my Windows 7.5 phone at places with free Wifi, e.g. Starbucks. These often have a confirmation screen such that simply makes you check a check box and press a button to accept their terms, ...

8.0 wifi 7.5  
asked by lkessler Score of 6
answered by Ravi Score of 3

Save WhatsApp audio file to music folder

I found my audio file received on WhatsApp, now how can I save this into my music folder?

whatsapp music  
asked by princes Score of 1
answered by Jet Score of 3

WhatsApp images in photos

Hello I have Lumia 730.... First I had 8 GB micro SD card and all my data including images ,songs etc were in it.i installed several apps like WhatsApp Facebook etc on my phone memory and my phone ...

whatsapp micro-sd  
asked by hemal7735 Score of 2
answered by Ankesh Raj Score of 1

How can I export or extract my text messages to a file?

I would like to save all of my text messages that are on my phone to a file on my computer. The WP cloud did a good job of saving them across new devices and software resets, but I'm going back to a ...

8.0 sms backup  
asked by Louis Waweru Score of 36
answered by Tim Score of 15

How to update Windows Mobile 6.1 to Windows Mobile 7.5?

I have HTC TyTN II with Windows Mobile 6.1 and would like to update to Windows Mobile 7.5. I went to Windows Mobile site and downloaded the Zune software but nothing worked. Most of apps these days ...

update windows-mobile  
asked by ayush Score of 15
answered by Thomas Score of 27

Is there a task manager in Windows Phone 8.1?

In Android we have a way to view running tasks and RAM usage. Does Windows Phone have something similar? I think it is must for a smartphone.

8.1 background-tasks multi-tasking  
asked by Arjuna Score of 11
answered by Rowland Shaw Score of 9

How to stop downloading app updates when connected in Mobile data?

I am using Nokia Lumia 520. I need to control downloading application updates. When i connected in WiFi, i started downloading updates(partially completed). But when i came out of the WiFi range, it's ...

lumia app-update lumia-amber  
asked by SuRa Score of 2
answered by karancan Score of 3
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