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WhatsApp images in photos

Hello I have Lumia 730.... First I had 8 GB micro SD card and all my data including images ,songs etc were in it.i installed several apps like WhatsApp Facebook etc on my phone memory and my phone ...

whatsapp micro-sd  
asked by hemal7735 2 votes
answered by stephen 1 vote

How can I connect my computer to internet through my Windows Phone 7 device?

I am traveling a lot and I need to be online on my laptop. How can I use 3G connection of my phone to browse internet on my PC? I have Samsung Omnia 7.

7.x internet-sharing 3g  
asked by jumbo 15 votes
answered by GeertvdC 13 votes

How do I take a screenshot on a Windows Phone device?

On iOS devices you can take a screenshot by pressing the home & sleep buttons at the same time. Is there a similar way to take a screenshot with Windows Phone?

asked by jtbandes 77 votes
answered by C. Augusto Proiete 53 votes

How to upgrade the windows 10 on Lumia 535 without update advisor app

I have an old lumia 535 phone and could not upgrade the windows earlier. Now I want to upgrade the windows and unfortunately, Microsoft store for windows 8.1 is not functional and cannot install ...

nokia-lumia-535 windows-10-upgrade  
asked by User1551892 3 votes
answered by User1551892 5 votes

Cannot enable Cortana in India

I have been trying to make Cortana work on my Lumia 520. I have followed the guidelines provided by Microsoft: I have updated the phone to Windows Phone 8.1 Language is set to English (India) Region ...

8.1 cortana  
asked by smashIT 3 votes
answered by Nisha Priya 3 votes

How to use Project my screen in Windows Phone 8.1?

In Windows Phone 8.1 there is a new feature called Project my screen. I've not been able to make it work. How do I use it?

8.1 project-my-screen  
asked by RahSin 25 votes
answered by Indrek 21 votes

Lumia 620 touchscreen calibration

My replacement touchscreen is all calibrated funny.. it's an unofficial one off eBay (requiring me to downgrade from Amber.. boo!) I've fitted screens before without trouble and everything's in ...

asked by Tabloo Quijico 4 votes
answered by RockSolid 0 votes
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