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How to use Project my screen in Windows Phone 8.1?

In Windows Phone 8.1 there is a new feature called Project my screen. I've not been able to make it work. How do I use it?

8.1 project-my-screen  
asked by RahSin 25 votes
answered by Indrek 21 votes

It says Whatsapp version expired and update required

I have Nokia Lumia 630 with Windows Phone update 8.1 WhatsApp Version Last auto updated on 22/08. I am getting error message "This version of WhatsApp has expired. Please go to the Windows ...

asked by Raj 3 votes
answered by Vegam 2 votes

How to turn off Windows Phone if it is unresponsive and has an internal battery?

Today my Samsung Focus hung while installing an app. When I pressed the bottom hardware buttons, it vibrated, but there was no feedback on the screen. I held the power off button but nothing ...

battery soft-reset  
asked by Vitor Canova 22 votes
answered by Tamara Wijsman 21 votes

Is there a task manager in Windows Phone 8.1?

In Android we have a way to view running tasks and RAM usage. Does Windows Phone have something similar? I think it is must for a smartphone.

8.1 background-tasks multi-tasking  
asked by Arjuna 11 votes
answered by Rowland Shaw 9 votes

How to record a call in Windows Nokia Lumia 520?

How to record incoming/outgoing calls in nokia lumia 520? Even 3rd party apps not supporting this feature.

8.0 lumia  
asked by SuRa 8 votes
answered by akid 5 votes

How to extract whatsapp messages.db message backup?

Whatsapp creates snapshots of its data backups on the phone. I can access this messages.db file, but is there a way to extract the data from it? It's not a standard compression it seems.

asked by David d C e Freitas 7 votes
answered by David d C e Freitas 1 vote

Downloads folder in Windows Phone 8.1

How do I see what's in the downloads folder? When I plug the phone into the computer I can view the contents of the downloads folder but when using the phone directly I can't find the download folder. ...

asked by Silvio Andorinha 9 votes
answered by Indrek 6 votes
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