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Not able to revert back to 8.1 after updating 10 insider preview

I upgraded my Lumia 520 to windows 10 Insider preview. Now the phone hangs a lot and its getting too slow. It also displays message of low storage space even there is lot of space left (about 3.12 gb) on the divice.

Now I have decided to revert back to 8.1. I tried resetting to factory, hard reset and even I tried the Windows Device Recovery Tool. WDR tool shows the same version on server which is installed on my device which is "Firmware Version: 3058.50000.1425.0001" saying You have the latest available software version.

Even though I tried to reinstall, the download process is never completed. It starts and then after reaching about 8 percent, it stops saying there is error in downloading.

Can any one suggest a full-proof way to downgrade windows 8.1 from 10.?