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Is it possible to do a backup from a phone that does not boot anymore?

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LG E900 data Is it possible to do a backup from a phone does not boot anymore?

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LG E900 data backup

Phone Model :- LG Optimus - E900

OS:- Windows Phone 7.5 (installed the update on wp 7)

My phone got stuck on boot screen with LG logo and it isn't booting. I am not going for the hard reset option because of some data in it.

If i remove the battery and leave it for few hours (e.g. 24 hours) and next day it will start fine and I can see my data as well. but after 2 -3 mins it gets rebooted and same LG logo.

I have tried to fix it using the windows phone support tool as well but that isn't working as well.

I am interested to backup my data from the phone then I can try for hard reset/ factory settings

Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Thanks