I'm not at all familiar with iPhone but it appears from this screenshot on the Apple Tips & Tricks page that it can do reminders based on arriving/departing from certain known locations:
enter image description here

Ignoring the fact that for Apple this a Siri feature, the basic concept of reminders being triggered by geography (arriving/departing) is useful sounding. Is this something that WP7 can do built in or with an app?

Again, I'm not interested in the Siri/voice element, managing it via keyboard entry would be totally fine.

  • I remember seeing a website or something like that that would let you send yourself GPS alerts based on where your phone was. But I can't find it now. – Michael Brown Oct 13 '12 at 22:51

There isn't a standard built in one, like Siri, but there are third party apps that do something similar, such as this one (that I'm not affiliated with, nor have used in anger)

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