Recently Cortana has become concerned with whether or not I get to work on time every morning:

enter image description here

This pops up as an alert on my phone, and is kind of annoying, especially since the directions she shows aren't actually useful to me (they're for driving, but I take the bus). Is there any way to turn them off?

I can see in the "interests" section of Cortana's notebook that this seems to be part of the Daily Glance item, but I don't want to turn that off entirely as I do like seeing the weather forecast and upcoming appointments. Is there a way to disable only commute alerts?

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The "time to go to work or head home" option is in: Cortana > Cortana's Notebook (The settings) > interests > getting around

At the bottom there is an option to "Notify me when it's time to go to work or head home" - just uncheck that and press the save button.

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    Ah, brilliant, thanks! I didn't even notice that section.
    – Indrek
    Sep 10, 2015 at 9:48

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