I am trying to add my institutional Email in Windows Phone. I think the Email system is Exchange, however, the top-left corner of my inbox reads Outlook Web Access. Windows phone cannot log in the Email system with the information I provided. To add the account I selected Add an Account>Exchange, and then went on to enter my email address and password. Login failed, and then I chose Advanced and entered the following information:
(Based on what I use to log-in on a web browser) User name: the part after "/": myuname Password:***
Domain: the part before "/" (here it is my college domain).
Server: the address I see when I open my inbox in web browser is https://webmail.mycollge.ac.ir/Exchange. I entered https://webmail.mycollge.ac.ir and https://webmail.mycollge.ac.ir/Exchange and webmail.mycollge.ac.ir but all of them failed to log in.
Also selecting/deselecting "Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection didn't help either. I get this error (figure 1):

enter image description here

Here is a screenshot of my Web mail login page:
enter image description here

I have no problem with web login as I enter mycollege.ac.ir\myuname for Domain\user name and my password in the Password.

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