My Yahoo email on my Windows 8 (nokia 1320) is having a sending error. Though the SMTP settings are correct 465, its still showing an error (error code: 80072F30)

I already deleted the account several times and reloaded it using Yahoo mail (1st try) and then Other account (2nd try) but to no avail. I changed the SMTP settings to 25 as suggested in one of the articles but still to no avail. Need assistance on this please.

Thank you.

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    Are you sure you have the error right? That error code is in the WinInet range (as you might expect for a problem when sending data over the Internet) but it's not a known WinInet error value (it's not in the headers or documented on MSDN).
    – CBHacking
    Oct 14 '15 at 8:13

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