I have enabled Cortana on my device. I want to enable Cortana at lock screen. I want Cortana to pick my search queries when I say something like "OK GOOGLE" in Google Now. I don't want to click on Cortana tile again and again to start using it. I also want to know all the shortcuts for using cortana. Is there any keyword that I need to say to wake up cortana?

I named it Jarvis. If there is any keyword like Hey Jarvis or something, please let me know.



You can do this by going to Cortana's settings and allowing Cortana even when the screen is locked.

Waking Up

If your phone supports it, you can turn on "Hey Cortana" in Settings. You will need the Lumia Denim update for this. You can check availability at https://www.microsoft.com/en/mobile/support/software-update/wp8-software-update.

Note that your "Jarvis" name will have no effect. She is still named Cortana. (I'm guessing that you actually named yourself Jarvis :).) Therefore it will still be "Hey Cortana".

You can also press the Search button to start Cortana, or hold it to start talking to her.

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