Few months ago My windows phone's screen got broke so I replaced it with a cheap screen , now I can't type properly, some areas of screen do not work at all , screen doesn't rotate on dial-pad and can't even paste no.s on dial-pad , so the thing is that I have to dial some codes like *123# (ussd) and 1 is not working , after dialing this code I have to choose option 1 (by clicking on 1) , . So if there is some way that I can connect it to my win7 laptop /Ubuntu (bt/usb/wifi/remote)and be able to dial these codes. Or remote my phone to my friend's android . Plzzz answer

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    Sounds like you need to get the screen fixed, rather than find ways to work with a faulty part.
    – Rowland Shaw
    Oct 24 '15 at 19:11
  • Is there a way to connect your windows phone and laptop and dial phone numbers using laptop,,, I just dial these codes with this phone,, noooothing else
    – 45hook
    Oct 25 '15 at 6:18

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