I have BLU Win HD LTE Dual SIM. I want to transfer call from one SIM to another.

From this site:

Forward Calls (Unconditional):

On the Start screen, tap “People” From within the app, tap “…” (lower-right corner of the screen) Tap “settings” Enable the switch next to “Call forwarding” Enter the phone number to forward calls to Tap “Save”

But I don't see any "Call forwarding" in Settings.

Is it possible to do forwarding on this phone?

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That looks like a typo to me. Instead of the People app, open the Phone app and go to Settings, that's where the call forwarding option is.

For more information, see the official calling + messaging how-to.

  • okay, found: Phone -> SIM 2 Settings
    – Alexan
    Nov 4, 2015 at 19:09

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