If I were to purchase a simple mono Bluetooth earpiece, would I be able to play music and podcasts through it from my Microsoft Lumia 640?


My last phone was a Samsung Galaxy S2. Wanting to listen to music and podcasts while cycling (and not having any dangling wires that could get caught) I purchased a simple el-cheapo earpiece, confirming that it would work with my phone.

I bought it home and paired it with the phone and tried playing a podcast show through it, but it came out of the phone's internal speakers instead. After a series of checks that it really was paired, I tired making a phone call through it and this worked fine.

The earpiece did indeed work with my phone, but only for phone calls. I don't want to use it for phone calls. My earpiece was useless for what I wanted to use it for.

Further researching, I found that there's two forms of Bluetooth audio. One designed for phone calls and another for music. My phone would not play podcasts through the inferior phone-grade earpiece. This was rather infuriating as I really wouldn't have minded the slightly lower quality. It was as if my phone was throwing a tantrum - "No! I'm not playing music through that thing! Get a better one!"

Years later, I upgraded to my Lumia (for unrelated reasons) and I recalled my past experiences. I had long since gave away the useless earpiece I had purchased before. Would I be wasting my money if I bought another one?

I can't use a stereo earpiece as I'm deaf in one ear.

  • Being deaf in one ear does not mean that you cant use and earpiece with two sets. You just don't get value from the other... but you do, because you can then play music. – MrHinsh - Martin Hinshelwood Aug 19 '16 at 5:22

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