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From store I am trying to download whatsapp but it is showing starting download since 1 hour.I cannot delete the app from downloads.Please anyone can help me.

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  • Hello i need it very important.Please solve my issue. – Mouni Dec 10 '15 at 5:55
  • I could not download whatsapp it is showing starting download from morning wifi connection is fine but it is not downloading what is the problem.Please suggest me. – Mouni Dec 10 '15 at 8:57
  • Are you getting an error message? – Rowland Shaw Dec 10 '15 at 9:12
  • No error message.it is just showing starting download from morning – Mouni Dec 10 '15 at 9:13
  • So this is the same problem as windowsphone.stackexchange.com/questions/12089/…? – Rowland Shaw Dec 10 '15 at 9:14

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