This problem is occurring on 2 phones: a Lumia 810 running 8.0 and a Lumia 635 running 8.1 . Both behave similarly. I have successfully shared 3 outlook calendars (doing so on my computer.) 2 are with Live accounts, 1 with an Outlook account. The resulting emails were sent to the phones OK. When I opened the emails, they gave me the option to "Accept" sharing. I hit that button and wend to a Calendar website which gave me the option to "Set up Calendar on your device." That's where the process stalls. I tap the "Set up..." link, it responds to the tap by turning gray for a second and then... Nothing. And the calendars are not linked. Progress is stalled. I've checked this board for similar problems, the only one I found suggested changing the >Settings > email + accounts to "Download new contenT as items arrive". I've done that and it's not solved the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks


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