In my previous Lumia 720, I could hear ringtone through speaker even if earphone was plugged in. But in 640 XL LTE earphone cancels ringtone noise through speaker so I have to constantly keep earphone in ears or unplug it. Any solution to this?


You can turn it on by setting the Ringer On.

To do this

  1. Plug in your earphone
  2. Press volume up/down button
  3. Press the down arrow at the top right

enter image description here

  1. Select the ringer on. ( After selection it should appear in your acent color )


If you set the Ringer off (see below pic) you will not hear ringtone on speaker but you will still hear it on earphone.

  • This works when you want to listen ringtone through earphone. I want to listen it on speaker even if earphone is plugged in, in case I forget to unplug it while leaving my seat. It is available in all my other lumia phones as well as samsung phones also.
    – Aditi
    Jan 11 '16 at 4:21
  • @Aditi If you have set the Ringer on the ringtone will play on Speaker even if your ear phone is connected. The ringtone will play on your earphone when when ringer is off. I works for me.
    – Kolappan N
    Jan 11 '16 at 18:12
  • It works for other phones but not Lumia 640. My ringer is on, still I am unable to hear ringtone through speaker when earphone is plugged in.
    – Aditi
    Jan 20 '16 at 5:46
  • @Aditi could be a problem in ear phone jack. Try contacting service care.
    – Kolappan N
    Jan 20 '16 at 8:49

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