Since Skype is now integrated tightly with the OS I'm experiencing a few annoyances.

First of all, I use Skype for work IM and have a lot of conversations. It's all but burying my text message notifications meaning I often miss them.

Second, I appear to be online 24 hours a day and I can't find any way of changing this. Does anybody know if there's some setting where I can change that?

I've always loved Windows Phones but while convenient in someways this new Skype integration is driving me kinda crazy.

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You can disable the skype integration in the messaging app and use the standalone Skype Application (to not mess around with your text messages, for your n°1 problem), in which you can choose to appear online or, as said above by @Aventinus, invisible. (for your N°2 problem).

To avoid using the built in Skype tools sign out by going to Settings inside of the Skype Video app.

  • The question was more about how to disable it. I did finally find the sign out option under the Skype Video app but forgot to circle back here.
    – Matt Lacey
    Mar 29, 2016 at 22:13

Skype integration has always been disappointing in every mobile OS. Unfortunately the only option in terms of status is choosing between Online and Invisible. Switching to Invisible may save you from some of the spam.

However, there should be a Sign Out option. (I have currently migrated back to 8.1 so I can't check).

There's a final solution to this problem which is not elegant at all but alas. Make a new Skype account and for the hours that you don't want to receive any messages, log in with this account.

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