I had a number of email accounts pinned to my start screen on my old phone that was running Windows Phone 8.1.

When I was setting up my new phone, running Windows 10 Mobile, I was asked if I wanted to restore the backup from my old phone, which I did, and this recreated all of my old tiles in the same locations which was great.

What I have though is that whilst tapping on my email accounts took me to the correct inbox, I would not see any notifications of the number of new messages recieved. How can I fix this?


The mail client in Windows 10 Mobile expects the tiles to have specific ids for the notifications to work - if you tap on the email account, bring up the menu via the ... button at the bottom of the screen, you'll see that it doesn't think the folder is pinned.

If you re-pin it (and remove the old tile) you'll see that notifications will work once more.

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