I canceled one of my credit cards that were associated with my Microsoft Account as a backup payment card. There is one other credit card and a PayPal account also associated with the account.

For some reason one—and just one out of a dozen—purchases in the Windows Phone Marketplace was charged to this canceled credit card. Now I am stuck with a problem that I cannot seem to resolve:

The Microsoft Account billing web site allows me to add new payment methods, but not to change the payment method for a failed payment. I cannot remove the old credit card either because it has a outstanding payment

Of course, Microsoft does not offer support for Microsoft Accounts and billing in my home country of Norway. So I have no way of contacting them about the issue.

I got a menacing email saying my account would be closed for further purchases if I did not resolve this issue quickly.

What the beep am I supposed to do?

I have never had this much trouble for a 7 NOK app on iOS nor Android before!

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I recently had reasonable success chatting with Microsoft Support about my account billing issue. They probably cannot directly solve your problem, but they might be able to point you in the right direction. Or you could try calling support on +47 23 500 500.

MS Chat

*I know you said Microsoft does not offer support for Microsoft Accounts, but please try the above if you haven't already. Posting this as a general purpose answer for any related questions.

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    After being passed around a bit and having talked a bit what felt like half the support department: they finally found someone who could resolve my issue. Total time on the phone: 48 minutes.
    – Daniel
    Dec 11, 2012 at 22:48

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