In the city where I live there will be a national summit on education next week, in which a Dreamspark workshop will be offered by Microsoft. The program include a lesson about Wordpress on WebApp, an introduction to Cloud and MS Azure for Dreamspark and the activation of Azure for Dreamspark, including the code provided to all the students which will attend the course.

I never used or installed Dreamspark, in any case I read that the free activation of Dreamspark is already free for students, isn't it? Or may I get any other advantages in having the code provided at the workshop?

I also read on Microsoft website that these kind of workshops give the possibility to activate a developer account for free , whereas usually it requires a paid subscription, as far as I know (could you confirm that?).

So my question is:

  • given the assumptions above, is it worthwile to attend a Dreamspark worhshop, with regard to the financial advantages and if my aim is developing windows apps?

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