There appears to be two predominant wiring standards for the same physical connector.

As the Lumia 950 does not come with a supplied headset, and there is no information in its tech specs as to what wiring it supports, what wiring should I look for when buying a headset - i.e. Does the Lumia 950 only support OMTP, only AHJ, or does it support both?


According to this Microsoft support article Lumia phones support the AHJ standard, except the Lumia 920 and 820 which also support OMTP.

The article makes no mention of newer models, so I pinged @LumiaHelp on Twitter to check if it's still up-to-date. They confirmed that it is, and that the Lumia 950 supports AHJ headsets.
(Update: unfortunately the @LumiaHelp account has been closed so their response is no longer available on Twitter and I can't find an archived version.)

If you have a headset that's wired according to the OMTP standard, you can use it with your Lumia 950 with a simple AHJ-OMTP adapter.

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