On my Lumia 830 I configured my quick action icons in the action center.

Since finally Windows 10 Mobile can show more action icons in the action center, I tried to rearrange the order of the icons but I couldn't find a way.

Is it possible to rearrange the icons in the action center?

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Unfortunately you can't rearrange all the action icons, only the quick action ones - those which are always shown, whether the action icons are collapsed or expanded :

Quick Action icons in the Action Center

For changing or reordering the Quick actions : Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions

Notifications & actions settings in WP10


As today, it's not possible to rearrange the icons in the action center but it seems it will be possible in the future as stated and shown in this article:

Screenshots of recent internal builds point to drag-n-drop customization for quick actions, allowing you the ability to rearrange the toggles as you see fit

enter image description here

These screenshots are taken from Build 14322.

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