I like the auto-correct but sometimes I want to reject a specific forced correction. E.g., I like writing "linkedin" (without capitals) but it keeps correcting it to "LinkedIn".

When it corrects me, it writes LinkedIn in bold in the suggestions bar and I don't see how to reject it. Anything I type applies the correction, so I go back to the specific chars and fix them:P

For now, I went into the settings and disabled auto-correct, but I'm looking for a way to reject a single correction.

EDIT - Another clarification:
I want to reject a suggested correction when it appears in bold. I did not mean to disable this correction on regular basis, although this could also be an option.

I guess that adding my spelling to the dictionary could have the same effect. I'll try and update.


Here's a related question. It's not the same on Windows 10 Mobile but here's what I found:

  1. Selecting on the word after it was auto-corrected suggests my spelling.
    After choosing my spelling the force-correct for that word appears to be disabled for the current email. I hope it's the same for other document types.

  2. Tapping right after the word, before it's corrected, is not a solution in Windows 10 Mobile. It selects a space and the force-correct is still there.
    But tapping in the next line does remove the bold, and the force-correct and then I can bring the cursor (well, caret, really) back to right after the word.

  3. I could not find a way to add the word to the dictionary from the email itself, but I could be missing something.


You can change the word's case by selecting it and then press the SHIFT key on your keyboard. So let your device write "LinkedIn", select the word and change the case with SHIFT until you get "linkedin". I often use it on my Lumia 1020 because it always suggests "Smartphone" instead of "smartphone".

  • That's a great solution for capitalizing! Unfortunately it doesn't help with misspellings. Apr 20 '16 at 8:43

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