It appears there is no answer to this one, as there is a prior unanswered question here, but I want to make a clearer go at this:

I do not want to update to Windows 8.1. I keep getting a notification every day saying "An update is ready for download." I do not want this update and I have used Windows Phone 8.1 and I prefer 8.0 for one because everything is faster.

If I ever want to update in the future, I can go into Settings:about anyway, so I do not need this notification.

So I want to get rid of it or even reduce its frequency. Is there a way?

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    AFAIK the only way would be to take it offline. Obviously that's not really a good solution. But on the other hand, staying on an outdated and unsupported OS isn't a good idea, either. – RareNCool May 11 '16 at 16:44

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