When I make pictures by my phone, I can see them clicking Photos icon on phone, and also pictures are synchronized with Camera Roll folder on onedrive.

I want to keep pictures on onedrive, but remove from phone. So I created new folder inside onedrive Pictures and moved pictures there.

Them I deleted one picture from phone and it was deleted from this new folder, which I don't want.

What I want:

  1. Keep pictures on onedrive.
  2. Pictures made by phone should go to Camera Roll.
  3. When I have enough pictures in this folder, I copy them to another folder on onedrive and remove from phone.

So I want Photos on phone being synchronized only with Camera Roll folder.

How can I do this?

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Pictures on your device and one drive are linked. You can unlink them.

For example for particular image:

  • press image
  • press ... on right down corner
  • press File info

enter image description here

You see the same image on your device and on the onedrive.

You can unlink them and then delete image from your phone.

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