I use use ES File Explorer to steam or browser PC's files on Android device. For that I use samba server on Linux and Mac but I am not sure how to do that on Windows 10

I want to browser Windows 10 files on my Windows 10 Phone and steam videos and stuff. How would I do that?

I have enabled file sharing on Windows PC(from control Panel) but don't know what app would I use on Windows Phone to achieve that. Microsoft's default File Explorer doesn't seem to have that feature


You can use the Remote Desktop app on the Windows 10 PC and Windows mobile. It allows you to use all the programs in the PC and ou will have access to all th files in your PC. Yoour phone and PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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You can use PC Remote app.You can use your phone as keyboard, mouse, interactive remote desktop, transfer files to and fro, integrated remotes for your favorite media players, and lot more.

You can download it from here.

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