I wonder whether there is a way to access and install old preview builds for Windows Mobile 10 or to revert back to a specific version.

To be more specific, the goal is to get a preview build running which still has the Astoria component included.

I'm an insider and already had e.g. build 14267 installed (which should still contain the Astoria component - not 100% sure though). Project Astoria was officially abandoned at the end of February this year. It would still be interesting for me to try it out as I missed the chance earlier this year.


Actually, I managed to get an Astoria build installed on my Lumia 930 a few days ago. There are ROMs for the 930 and 640(XL) on xda-developers including a how-to on how to install it - worked for me.

FYI If you're trying to run Pokemon Go - won't work.. Just got a black screen with nothing happening :-(

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    haha, you got me there. That was indeed one app I liked to try. But there are a few more - hopefully working ones - I will definitely aim to get those running. So, there does not seem to be an official rollback / installer for older versions as it seems, correct?
    – malte
    Jul 20 '16 at 8:25
  • :D no, as far as I can tell installing this inofficial ROM is the only way to do it
    – Thomas
    Jul 20 '16 at 14:14

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