Do we have an Anniversary update to Windows 10 Mobile like desktop users of Windows 10? Will we see any noticeable features in this update?

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Yes, Windows 10 Mobile is receiving an anniversary update too. According to this article:

Microsoft will release the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS update known officially as Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update starting August 2 for supported devices.

The supported devices stated in the article quoted above are essentially those which are running Windows 10 Mobile (Build 10586.XXX) officially.

Notable improvements include:

  • Faster and more responsive than Threshold
  • Many usability improvements that really help
  • Customization of Quick action buttons & notifications enhancements
  • Better Control on notifications
  • Battery Saver has become much easier to use and more powerful
  • Cortana gets many exciting features including notification mirroring
  • Microsoft Edge adds Swipe navigation, better tab behavior & UI changes
  • Major apps revamps like Store, Skype, Maps, Groove Music, Mail & Calendar and more
  • Good to Excellent Battery Life

You can also check this article to see a list with more features coming in the anniversary update.

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