I have a PDA running Windows Mobile 2003.

Every time a program is used, it shows up in the recently used section of the start menu.

Start Menu

I have a program that saves the device registry state so I can keep things like WiFi configured when the PDA goes through a cold boot. I'd like to remove these items from the start menu before I save the registry state so they aren't restored after a cold boot. The fact that they are implies that these entries are stored somewhere in there.

There's no option in the GUI to accomplish this.

How can I remove these items?

  1. Move the stuff out of \Windows\Start Menu\Programs using a file explorer.

  2. Soft reset your Windows Mobile, such that it wipes any cache.

  3. Move the stuff back into \Windows\Start Menu\Porgarms.

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I have no experience doing this myself but found two options from this forum link.

  1. A third party application, such as wisbar advance has the option to turn the recent programs off.
  2. Use a registry editor and go to \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Shell. Delete TaskSwitch Key (and all subkeys/values) and soft reset IMMEDIATELY. Don't even close your reg editor. This is also shown here.
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  • or do what @Tom Wijsman said. Sounds easier. – Thomas Apr 25 '12 at 15:05
  • I'm not 100% certain but it could be possible that WM6 has a built-in registry editor which can be accessed by holding the action button (in between the arrows) and then clicking on the analog clock / digital time, then a context menu with two entries opens up. One of them is Run, in which one can type regedit. I feel like both methods are equally in complexity. If it isn't three, install any registry editor you can find... – Tamara Wijsman Apr 25 '12 at 15:12

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