I recently ported my WhatsApp number to another network. When porting was completed I put a new SIM in my phone. And then my WhatsApp stopped working, it said you have to update WhatsApp but I checked there is no update available. So I uninstalled it and then again reinstalled it. Now all my chats are removed, they didn't even come back from the backup. What should I do? Also, my ported SIM is not activated too, will this have an effect?

  • The backup of whatsapp in Windows devices stay local , i.e; they get saved in sd card or in internal memory unlike Apple and Android devices, where backups go to cloud(idrive n Google drive respectively).
  • Before uninstalling the whatsapp, you must check for backup(whatsapp automatically backs up the messages from time to time), then next time while reinstallig the app, it will ask if u want to restore the messages.
  • and because you didn't do that, am sorry, your messages are gone.
  • or you could just reinstall again and you can restore previous messages that were available before installing whatsapp. Check if you have Whatsapp\WinPhoneBackup folder in sd card.
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  • I respectfully disagree with the second point. Whatsapp does create automatic backups everyday. So saying a user should have created backup while uninstalling is not necessary. Please consider to edit it.(Any edit that disagree with the author should not made by others, so I am commenting this while I edited other typos) – Kolappan N Aug 22 '16 at 18:52
  • it does create automatic backups , just go to settings and see for yourself when was your messages backed up, probably 3-5 hrs ago! – Ram Raj Aug 28 '16 at 14:52
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    Glad that you agree with my point. I would be happy if you edit your answer accordingly. Your answer still says you should create a backup which is not required as per your comment. – Kolappan N Aug 28 '16 at 16:49

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