Just want to make sure now windows 10 mobiles are no longer available to install APK in order to run Android apps?


Windows 10 Mobile will not run Android apps. The Project Astoria was discontinued.

There are some good reasons for it too.

  • It reqiuired an Android subsystem within Windows devices which caused a lot of battery issues and performance downgrade
  • These apps did not have native features such as Tiles, Interactive notifications, etc...
  • The parallel project of porting iOS apps proved to be much better.
  • The problem of pirate apps became real.
  • Some developers began to think that creating apps for Android is enough as Windows can run apps.

Now imagine a lot of apps running just as in Android without Live tiles, Cortanan integration, Onedrive backups, Interactive notifications, etc... It would be the death of Windows Mobile.

References :

  1. Microsoft officially cancels Project Astoria

Windows 10 mobile does't support APK.

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