I have lumia 535 running Windows 10 mobile(official upgrade). Is there any way to change the font style of my device? I can't find such option in settings or in search results. I read an article here: http://winphonehub.org/interop-how-to-change-system-fonts-on-windows-10-mobile/ that says it's possible but that all gone over my head. So I was thinking as if it were possible via some other way or if it is the only way is there any explanation to all those steps? My phone is dual sim Lumia 535 (RM-1090) running W10M (14393.693) if relevant.


No, there is no official way to change the default font for the OS. You'll need registry access to do that which requires an interop unlock as the article you've linked to states.

  • Please @Thomas visit the link in question there is a way but it was a very hard way So I didn't go through it.
    – Hamza
    Dec 6 '16 at 20:21
  • Yup.........I did this by registry access
    – Hamza
    Feb 2 '17 at 16:12

Well I’ve seen a lot of websites/articles/videos to search for the solution. Most of them are confusing and waste of time. But I found one that's really good at understanding with easy and simple wordings CHECK HERE https://mirzatech.net/how-to-change-mobile-font-style/

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