I had a Windows Phone 7, and it was stolen. I thought my pics were backed to Google but i cant find them anywhere. Where does Windows Phone Backup pictures.

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    Can you check your OneDrive account. – Rahul Nov 8 '16 at 5:56

Microsoft has its own cloud service, called Onedrive, which was also formerly known as SkyDrive during the Windows Phone 7 days. Every Windows Phone device. by default backs up pictures in the Camera Roll, Screenshots and Saved Pictures onto the cloud:

enter image description here

Visit onedrive.live.com and sign in with the Microsoft (Outlook, Live, Hotmail) account that you used on that particular phone, and navigate to a folder named Pictures, in the root directory of Onedrive. Under there, you are bound to see sub folders of the photos uploaded from all your Windows powered devices.


if you had Onedrive on your phone hopefuly theyre there. simply go to google and type OneDrive and sign in with your previous Microsoft account and password. hope you get them

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