My Nokia Lumia cannot connect to wifi network. Please help me out.

  • Please provide more information. What version of Windows Phone (or Windows 10 Mobile) is your phone running? Can your phone see your wifi network? What exactly happens when you try to connect? Do you get any errors? Can your phone connect to other wifi networks? Can other devices connect to your wifi network? Have you tried restarting the phone and the wireless router?
    – Indrek
    Nov 23 '16 at 10:28
  1. Check out Why can't I get connected? and try some of the basic troubleshooting steps there.
  2. Make sure your phone has the latest software updates. On Start , swipe over to the All apps list, then select Settings > Update & security > Phone update > Check for updates. If you don’t have a Wi‑Fi connection, you’ll need to make sure you have a cellular data connection to check for updates.
  3. If you can't connect to a network that you've connected to before, try deleting the network from your phone, and then reconnect from scratch. To delete a known network, in Settings , select Network & wireless > Wi‑Fi > Manage > press and hold the network name > Delete. Deleting the network will delete the associated settings on your phone. After that, select the Wi‑Fi network in the list of networks, then try to connect again. If the network is protected with a password, you’ll need to enter it again.

  4. If there aren't any Wi‑Fi networks listed when you're somewhere that you expect one or more to appear, go to Settings > Network & wireless > Wi‑Fi, turn off Wi‑Fi networking, and then turn it back on.

  5. Try to connect to a different Wi‑Fi network if you can. This can help you narrow down the problem because you can determine if it’s a problem with the specific Wi‑Fi network or with Wi‑Fi in general.

  6. Insert a SIM card if you don’t have one in your phone. Some Wi‑Fi features that are specific to a country or region might not be available because your phone can’t get location info.

  7. Turn off Bluetooth while you’re trying to connect to Wi‑Fi. They can operate on the same frequency, so there might be some interference. To turn off Bluetooth, go to Settings , then select Devices > Bluetooth > turn off Status.

  8. If you don’t see the network name at all, the router or access point might not be set to broadcast the network name. In this case, you’ll need to manually connect to the hidden network.

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