I have a Microsoft account using (myEmail).outlook.com.

I get this error message:

Something went wrong

we're having a problem connecting to m.hotmail.com. Contact a support person or your service provider.

Error code: 0x86000c09

I added a Gmail account to the mail app and it works fine. I can also access my myEmail.outlook.com email etc. on outlook.live.com . So it seems that both the app and the email are fine. It's just that the app won't connect to outlook.

I already removed my phone from my devices on the outlook account as suggested here. It did not help.

I have more than one phone on that account, and they are all acting the same way.

I have already detached these apps from the account and then reattached. All that that accomplished was to remove all contacts, calendar dates, etc. from the phone. :(

I have now reset a phone. Didn't help either.

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It sorted itself out. Perhaps it was a problem with the servers.

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