Can I set my lock screen to run through a set of pictures? Similar to how bing scrolls through screen savers on a PC. I have tried to find a setting but nothing works.

  • Searching the app store for "lock screen" shows there are a few apps that claim this feature. – RMart Apr 18 '17 at 19:29

No there is no app for this kind of functionality. I also had that wish, but it can't be fulfilled. 😢


If you want to have a slideshow of bing images, you can easily do so. Just select Bing for lock screen under Settings > Personalization > Lock screen. They are updated on daily basis. However if you want that set of pictures by yourself you'll need some third app easily accessible through Store.

enter image description here


There are apps in the store that cycle through wallpapers based on things like the weather, so there could also be apps that go through a directory of images and refreshed the lock screen every x minutes.

It's definitely possible so check out the store and see how you get on.

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