The little microphone icon that used to appear above the keyboard has disappeared I believe soon after Windows update. This was very handy when I've been sending text message. Does anybody out there know how I could have the feature reactivated?


In the settings > keyboard section, there is a button "More keyboard settings".

In that section, make sure that "Show dictation button" is checked.

By Default, it is unchecked.

What language are you using? I am using German and I have no option for dictation.


I had this problem with my Lumia 650 but eventually fixed it as follows:

Settings Privacy Speech, Inking & Typing Getting to know you Click on getting to know me and the dictation icon reappears - hooray!

  • Though it is not directly related with dictation icon visibilty, yet it works for me as well....
    – Hamza
    Mar 1 '18 at 17:35

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