The new OneDrive released in April, 2012 allows you to view files on other devices, even if they are not uploaded to your OneDrive cloud folder. To enable this, you must use two-factor authentication. I tried it out, and it sent the authentication request to an old email address that I can't even set anywhere on the Microsoft Live website.

How can I remove this old email address and use my phone as the authentication device?


I don't know about using the phone as an authentication device, but I've found how to change your alternative e-mail address. Perhaps you can configure your phone there too?

  • Go to Windows Live Account in your browser.
  • Type your Windows Live password.
  • Under Account security, click on Manage next to Security Info.
  • Under Alternate email address you can change your alternate e-mail addresses.
  • Looks like you can add a mobile device there, and I already have. There's nothing I can find that lets you set your mobile device as the primary two-factor authentication medium.
    – cowgod
    Apr 25 '12 at 18:59
  • @cowgod: Is your mobile number listed here in the left side? This page asked me to fill it in, it might be that this phone number is shared across the other service. Or perhaps you have to do something on your phone, but getting your number to appear there as well might help. I suppose the SkyDrive settings don't really have any options on this? Apr 25 '12 at 19:04

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