Apparently, some people are very keen on gapless playback. Fruit seems to think it's important.

So, is there any music player on WP that supports gapless playback?

Does the default player support it? (If not now, then when?)

  • I've got to confess, I'm underwhelmed by the WP8 Music app and Windows 8 Music compared to Zune and Windows Phone 7. That stuff just worked. This is a huge step back to me :( – Michael Brown Jun 5 '13 at 14:45

Looking at the windows phone store there is an app that supports gapless playback.

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I could be wrong (or it could be wishful thinking), but I cant say I've noticed gaps between tracks in Spotify.

Granted, it's not just a player, and granted it's a bit pants on WP, but it can play local files in addition to streamed.

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