Since getting my Windows phone, I've noticed that I seem to more easily miss text messages and other alerts. I personally prefer to never use a ringer, but the vibrations used by default on this phone (Lumia 920) seem to be very short and subtle. They're not nearly long or strong enough to grab my attention most of the time.

On my previous phone (Samsung Rugby II) I could change the vibrations used for each alert type so that they were distinct from one another and fit my preference. Is there such an option for Windows phones?

  • I really don't know if it works but maybe the vibration is related to the sound you choose. Mar 12 '13 at 10:36

You can't change vibrations at the moment. They are different for each alert type though - a calendar reminder is one short vibration followed by one long, an incoming phone call is one short followed by one long, twice and repeating.. etc.

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