I found out about progressive web apps (PWA), specifically for Google Maps from https://thenextweb.com/apps/2017/12/14/googles-lightweight-maps-go-is-just-a-progressive-web-app-heres-how-to-try-it/. I loaded it onto my idol 4S and wow! This is pretty much the Android app experience, and could really close the "app gap" on Windows Phone/Mobile.

So are there any other good PWAs out there? What I really would like to see are versions for Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and Google Voice. Or any other major app that is missing from our ecosystem.

And please, create a Start screen shortcut for the maps link. It is really good -- it even detected I was signed into Google!


Here is a list of sites that list Progressive Web Apps

  1. Google Developers Showcase - This site lists all case studies or showcases of PWAs in Google developer website.
  2. PWADirectory.AppSpot - Website based on GitHub repo which lists PWAs(The frequently updated one I have seen so far).
  3. PWA.Rocks - Website based on GitHub repo which lists PWAs.
  4. Outweb.io - A webite where you can add new PWA you come across. This website itself is a PWA.
  5. PWA Stats - A community-driven list of stats and news related to Progressive Web Apps.
  6. App Scope - The best thing about this site is the neatly organized categories and simple looks. It is also free of ads.

Another great resource is Appsco.pe (https://appsco.pe), a collection of the very best PWAs on the Internet.

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