I have a brand new unlocked GSM, cube wp10 T698. Put my sim in that I use in my Lumia 650 windows 10 from straight talk ( at&t towers) and it recognizes the sim is in. However, there is no service, nor anyway I have found to make it get service. Straight talk said it's a phone issue, they tried to help. Microsoft, likes to hang up on you, four times in one day. Help, please. It was advertised to work with as a bunch of US carriers. however, depending where you search on the web, carriers that is listed in one place to work are not in another. I am at a loss with trying to understand what i can do. I feel money was just taken unjustly as this product does not work. Can't I update or install some type of software to help fix?

  • Have you tried talking to the manufacturer? – Rowland Shaw Apr 3 '18 at 12:07

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