The Maps app pauses under the lock screen, which makes it very awkward to use for voice guidance whilst cycling, because I have to ride around with the phone in my pocket and the screen unlocked! Not only is this running a high chance of unintended touch inputs, it absolutely hammers the battery.

If you have any idea how the Maps app, or any other can be forced to run under the lock screen, please enlighten me. I have interop tools registry editor installed and use a Lumia 950 if that helps.

I once cycled for 9 hours using an Android phone and Google maps to navigate via headphones with the screen locked - Microsoft seems to assume cyclists don't exist and all motorists will want the screen on all the time to keep maps active (which of course they can't as the phone will lock itself after a period). Much as I like some aspects of Windows 10 mobile, I regularly wonder if MS developers ever go outside into the real world!

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