I'm trying to troubleshoot crashes I'm having on my Lumia 950 with Field Medic. I'm not sure how to get it to work. It seems like it's mostly crashing if I play podcasts and try to do something else at the same time, but not always. In the advance options in Field Medic I chose Enable Shutdown Tracing and Include Netlogs. In the Dump Settiings I have Include system logs and crash dumps as on., Include disksnapshot data as on, Include power logs as on, Choose a user mode crash dump option is full. I then extracted the .etl file with the following command:

tracerpt *shutdown*.etl -o logdmp.xml -of XML -lr -summary logdmp.txt -report logrpt.html -f HTML

I got a logrpt.html file that's empty, a logdmp.xml file that 60 Gigs, and a logdmp.txt file that's 1.4 Meg. I'm having problems finding an app that can open the logdmp.xml file. I did scroll through the logdmp.txt file and didn't see anything useful. I have some experience analyzing dump files and the eventvwr, etc.

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