I'd like to set a static, custom wallpaper in the Photos app but I want to make sure the entire image will be viewable. What's the proper height and width, in pixels, for such an image?

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The Pictures Hub uses the Panorama control. According to MSDN this is what developers are supposed to do to set the background in their apps --

In this section, you will apply an image to the Panorama control. For this topic, a sample image of samplePhoto.jpg is used. Use a properly sized image in your app. Background images should be between 480 x 800 pixels and 1024 x 800 pixels (width x height) to ensure good performance, minimal load time, and no scaling. If your image does not have a height of 800 pixels, it will be stretched to that height without preserving the aspect ratio.

According to the page, it applies to WP8 and WP7.1; however, I just created a new Panorama Project in Visual Studio, and checked the properties of the BackgroundImage.png in the default template and it is 1536x1280.

I recommend you use these numbers to start and then answer your own question here when you find out the exact measurements.

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    I really wish they would have just mentioned 1536x1280 in the docs :)
    – Jedidja
    Sep 11, 2014 at 17:53

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